squeekerSqueeker, or Squeekie, was a brown capuchin monkey. Hurdy Gurdy bought him from a young couple for $25 in 1972. The couple had found that they couldn’t move or rent, when landlords discovered that they owned a monkey. Squeeker was very high-strung. He was actually trained by Hurdy Gurdy’s wife. For a time, she was one of two or three women who were also organ grinders with trained monkeys. She constructed the monkey’s costumes, and was very successful working with Squeeker and Jimmy. Gomez, however, was too much for her to handle.

Squeeker, like Gomez, lived to be about 35 years of age. He took money, and kissed people on their hands, even getting in the occasional slurp, on unwary women’s lips. Though he was smaller than the other monkeys, he got a kick out of stirring up trouble whenever he could. Squeeker used his toys to start things going. He used toys, and pieces of toys, to make monotonous noises like “The Chinese Water Torture,” until all the other monkeys were ready to go off their rockers. He was very successful at driving them nuts. One time, he got loose and disappeared. The family was afraid he would die of exposure if he stayed out all night. However, about dusk, he emerged from a chimney across the street, and “allowed” himself to be caught. He was very intelligent, and a great monkey.