jimmyJimmy was the greatest organ grinder monkey of all time. He was a brown capuchin, on display with another monkey, at a pony ride in Santa Barbara, California. Hurdy Gurdy bought Jimmy for $25.00 in 1970. The monkey made such a mess at the family’s rented home in Pacific Grove, that Irving and Suzanne Monroe decided to buy the place, out of fairness to the owners. Irv and Sue then assisted their son in buying his own home, so that his growing number of monkeys could be more properly housed. In this way, Jimmy set the whole family up, before housing prices went through the roof. After he was trained by Hurdy Gurdy, Jimmy took money, tipped his hat to say thank you, and kissed people on their hands. Though he did other tricks, the funniest thing he did, was stealing handfuls of cotton candy from the kids at Fisherman’s Wharf.

hurdy-gurdy-jimmyOne day, Mr. Paul McCartney of The Beatles, came to visit Monterey. McCartney was “smuggled” onto the Wharf, disguised as an older lady. When Paul and his entourage came out, he bent down to give the monkey some money, and Jimmy kissed the superstar on his face. Paul could only murmur, “Beautiful. Beautiful.”