coochieCoochie was the “mechanic” of Hurdy Gurdy’s monkeys. He was quite clever at fashioning tools from bits of metal, or sticks of wood. His favorite pastime, was stuffing the tube of his water bottle with tools from a “toolbox” that he hid under his blankets. He would then work for hours, using his tools to slowly work the drinking tubes loose from their water containers. When he finished a job, all of his water would pour out on the floor. He didn’t seem to mind that he couldn’t get a drink. He was too proud of his accomplishment to let thirst get in the way of his mechanical successes.

Coochie was a brown capuchin monkey. He was living in a small private zoo in Southern California. The private zoo had become overcrowded, so Coochie needed a new home. He was not an alpha male, and was a somewhat timid and temperamental animal. He did not take well to entertaining people, as he had difficulty with large crowds. When he was about 25, he began to decline in health, due to old age. He became best friends with Goldie, another brown capuchin who you will meet on this website. When Coochie would have a bad day, Goldie would nurse him back to health. Coochie lived with Hurdy Gurdy for about 15 years, and became a “mascot” for the team.