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Hurdy Gurdy wishes to especially thank the following people and organizations, for assistance they rendered to The Show over the years:

Mr. Roy Roberts, master hurdy gurdy man with a monkey. Mr. Roberts was generous with his knowledge, and with his sale of Louis Bacigalupi’s last hand-cranked barrel organ.

Mr. Phil Anastasia, “the Godfather of Monterey.” Mr. Anastasia enjoyed this nickname, as he knew just about everyone in the town, and all the real stories behind the scenes.

Mr. Larry Cummins, Monterey Insurance Agency, Monterey, California

Dr. George Bishop, – The monkey’s doctor for 36 Years. Animal Hospital of The Crossroads, Carmel, California.

Mr. Clyde Ray, Monterey District Superintendent, California State Department of Parks and Recreation, about 1980.

Mrs. Mary Wright, Monterey District Superintendent, California State Department of Parks and Recreation, 1993.

The Fisherman’s Wharf Businessmen’s Association.

Mr. Sal Cerrito, restaurant owner, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Mr. Leon Panetta, America’s Greatest Living Hero, who began his distinguished career as a United States Congressman, representing the District which includes Monterey.

Mr. William D. Curtis, member of the Monterey City Council of 1970, District Attorney of Monterey County, Superior Court Judge, Monterey County.

The Monterey City Council of 1970, that had sense of humor, and took a chance, in the best tradition of John Steinbeck.

The people of Monterey, and Pacific Grove, California, and the United States of America.

Mr. John Nail, Monterey City Manager, 1970.