The War Hero and the Monkey

Irving Albee Monroe was everything that a United States soldier should be.  He was called to active duty, from the military Reserves, after the Imperial Japanese Empire sneak-attacked Pearl Harbor.  “Irv,” as he liked to be called, was deployed to the South Pacific, as a bombardier in the Army Air Corps.  After a distinguished career in the Service, he eventually settled his family in Pacific Grove, California.  Though he entertained grave misgivings about his son’s plans for the future, the crusty veteran possessed an abiding sense of humor about things.  Nonetheless, he could never have imagined what would happen to him, when he met up with the monkey that started it all.

Jimmy had arrived late at night, from Santa Barbara, where Hurdy Gurdy had found the monkey living in less than ideal conditions.  Irv had come out of his bedroom, and was standing in a doorway, somewhat skeptically regarding the new guest in his home.  Jimmy took one look at Irv, and went wild.  The monkey screamed and screamed with joy, while Irv could do nothing more than to start playing with the bedraggled simian.  It was love at first sight for the two of them.  From that moment on, Jimmy was Irv’s monkey.  The veteran of the big war, had found the second child that had eluded both himself, and his wife, Suzanne.


The noble soldier died in 1976.